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Accelerate is an invite-only accelerator for ambitious professionals ready to level-up in real estate.Get started
Rise from the rest in just a few weeks.Whether you're a novice or pro, Accelerate gives you the disproportionate advantage to succeed.
Live deal reviewMeet weekly on Zoom to underwrite interesting deals in real-time. Build your underwriting skills, take control, and move faster on the deals you'd hate to miss. Benefit from the collective wisdom of your peers and absorb how other experienced investors analyze deals and develop lucrative strategies for their properties.
The most experienced partnersGet mentored by expert investors who've operated thousands of properties through thick and thin. We host weekly office hours to learn new strategies, from securing lower mortgage rates through creative financing, to confidently entering new Geos. Access the best-in-class community of investors doing deals together.
Own Or lead
Scale up and lead projectsGrow from a solo operator to a leader closing more deals faster with other Accelerate members who want to own with you. Get paired with a Fractional specialist who will work one-on-one with you to build your ability to drive deal dives, manage projects, showcase your experience, and present your vision to the community.
The most experienced partnersConvert your inner circle into a powerful investment community. Work with Fractional to tell your story, develop your personal brand, and build your influence. We’ll collaborate with you on marketing plans to launch your community with continued resources to build rapport and cultivate your investor relationships.
Some key stats for those that like numbers.
Jumpstarting at the earliest stage38% of members had zero investing experience when they applied.
Fastest members close in just7 days
Scaling up90% of project leaders successfully close deals they propose to Accelerate members.
Hot projects close in just30 min
Grow your networkThe top community leaders corral $1.5M+ in interest from their network when they launch on Fractional.
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