We’re on a mission to make real estate investing approachable.

Real estate has always been one of the most sought-after asset classes for professional investors, but for regular people like us, the real estate market has been intimidating and inaccessible.

We saw that many people wanted to get into real estate but they were discouraged by daunting terminology, a lack of connections, and an extremely high cost of entry.

Fractional was built to address these problems and unlock greater access to the real estate market. We’re driven by the radical idea that real estate investing should be simple and accessible, for everyone.

Strength in numbers

Fractional is a social platform for real estate investing with others. Members can co-own properties, collaborate on creative projects, and share ideas within the community. Fractional opens your door to the real estate market and creates a space where you can build your confidence, portfolio, and network.

We're in good company

Will Smith

Co-Founder of Dreamers VC

Kevin Durant

Founder of 35 Ventures

Eugene Marinelli

Co-Founder of Blend

Packy McCormick

Founder of Not Boring Club

Goodwater Capital

Unusual Ventures

On Deck

Soma Capital

Contrary Capital

The new ownership
model built to work
for everyone.

Work with us.

Our team is growing and we're on the lookout for talented people to join our team. Come and be a part of something big.