Co-own real estate with friends and investing communities.

    Build your network, collaborate on deals, and manage real estate on fractional with built-in tools for discovery, back-office processes, and management.

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    Why partnerships?

    Lower cost-of-entry

    Own property for a Fraction of the price. The minimum investment is $5,000.


    Don't put all your eggs in one basket. You can own parts of multiple properties instead and reduce risk.

    Shared knowledge

    Learn from your partners, see why they make certain decisions, and get hands-on real estate investing experience.

    Higher returns

    Earn more and get tax benefits as a direct co-owner instead of paying high trust fees and dividend taxes with REITs.

    fractional is a one-stop shop for co-ownership

    Co-own your next property in 5 easy steps


    💌 Build your network. Connect and collaborate with like-minded investors, join investment communities, and invite your friends.


    ✍ Discover and source opportunities. Create and share investment proposals in under 15 minutes and keep your network up to date.


    🤝 Easily set up partnerships. Agree on a property and terms using our governance platform.


    🏠 Acquire properties. Relax as we handle making an offer and setting up the LLC, co-ownership legal agreement, and business banking account.


    📣 Manage your property. Work with our partner property managers, while we handle bookkeeping, rental distributions, and K1s.

    From our community

    The new ownership model built to work for everyone.