A community invested in investingWith the knowledge and support of your co-investors, you'll make real estate ownership real
Grow with the help of those who have been through it before
Join Communities, attend Events, explore Projects, and participate in Deal Dives to build your confidence in new strategies.
Pick a project and secure your initial investment
Connect your Bank Account, submit your initial deposit, and navigate through due diligence with your future co-owners.
Finalize your strategy and acquire your share of your new property
Sign the operating agreement designed just for your team, pay for your remaining balance, and let Fractional handle the rest.
Operate and grow your group venture at scale
Share responsibilities with Tasks, collaborate on decisions with Voting, and receive income and analyze performance through your Finances.
Fractional - Own your future.
Fractional Homes Inc. is a financial technology company and is not a bank. Banking services provided by First Internet Bank; Member FDIC