Take advantage of the new way to own.

Represent more buyers and close more deals through fractional co-ownership. Earn generous commissions and grow your business.

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How fractional boosts your business

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Make 25% in referral fees

Refer your clients, and let us help them easily invest in real estate through co-ownership. Get paid 25% of Fractional’s one-time fee (3% of purchase price).

Earn 3% buy-side commission

Bring properties onto Fractional and earn 3% commission as a Buyer Agent. We will help you find ready-to-act buyers so you can close on more homes and larger portfolios.

Don’t worry about the details

Easily refer your clients and we’ll take care of the rest! From making an offer, setting up the LLC and operating agreements, to bookkeeping and rental distributions, Fractional does it all.

Co-invest and save on fees

Use Fractional to co-invest with your clients, friends, or other agents. Save 25% on Fractional fees as a licensed agent.

Help your clients take advantage of co-ownership

Lower cost of entry

Young professionals and first time investors who didn’t have enough capital can now break into real estate and own property for a Fraction of the price.


Seasoned investors looking to diversify and acquire more properties can easily own parts of multiple properties and reduce risk.

Greater purchasing power

Clients who did not have enough capital on their own to purchase properties can pool their money with other clients and partners via Fractional.

Higher returns

Fractional helps everyone earn more and get tax benefits as a direct co-owner instead of paying high trust fees and dividend taxes with REITs.

fractional is a one-stop shop for co-ownership

Help your clients and yourself start co-owning today

Agents playbook

Better together

We have partnered with the National Association of REALTORS® and thousands of agents to bring co-ownership opportunities to the real estate community.