Meet Andy Peters

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Meet Andy

Andy Peters has been in the real estate business for over 13 years and has extensive experience dealing with residential clients, investors and also commercial transactions. He founded the Peters Team where he leads a team of real estate experts helping individuals and families sell their houses or find their ideal homes in the Metro Atlanta area. Andrew is currently an Associate Broker at Keller Williams Chattahoochee North. When not assisting clients, Andrew actively participates in non-profit and community service organizations such as the Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce, Cure Childhood Cancer, American Cancer Society and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. He also is a volunteer participant for the Georgia Association of REALTORS, working tirelessly to advocate fair housing and home ownership in the Atlanta area. Andrew currently lives in Metro Atlanta with his wife and children.

Finding Opportunities in Challenges

Never one to back away from a challenge, Andy stayed true to his character and took the real estate markets head-on when it was at record lows in 2010. To Andrew, obstacles are opportunities to strive. That mentality, along with hard work and dedication have led Andrew to his success today. As the President of the Asian Real Estate Association of American - Atlanta Metro Chapter, Andrew relishes in the opportunity to broaden his leadership skills and expand real estate knowledge learning from the diverse member community. Andrew is known for his quick response to transaction crisis, his ability to multitask, and his patience under high pressure situations. Clients praise Andrew and his team for their vast knowledge of the market, and high attention to client satisfaction. His goes above and beyond to accompany their clients during the home buying process making it easier and less stressful for them, negotiating and being a true advocate for the clients whether they are selling or buying. They also guide them with any updating, renovation or repairs that the clients would like to perform, pointing them to the right experts and being an all-around consultant for property purchase.

Using Fractional to Share Great Deals

Andy works mostly with multi-family homes, and like many agents we work with, Andy has access to really great on and off-market deals that are often very capital intensive. Though clients are interested, they may be capital constrained and worry about the greater levels of risk. Recently, Andy had an interested buyer for an 11 duplex portfolio of homes in Lawrenceville. Everything looked promising, but his buyer got cold feet last minute leaving Andy with a great off-market deal. Andy was able to leverage one of Fractional’s investment communities SARE (Subtle Asian Real Estate), a community of 15k investors passionate about real estate and education, to quickly find new investors for this project. He worked with Fractional to host an educational underwriting class for SARE to teach members on thinking through larger investment deals. This class was also a handy opportunity to share details and local insight about Andy’s off-market deal. Through this class, he gathered a group of 40 members within a weekend to form a partnership and close on the Lawrenceville off-market portfolio. Half of the investment group were first-time investors, while a third of investors were already experts who owned big portfolios. It was a great opportunity for new investors to learn by doing and also from their seasoned investor partners. Similar to Andy, there are many agents and experts on Fractional who are ready to teach and lead others on new deals and asset classes. They use our platform to easily find and connect with our members who are ready to learn, diversify, and act quickly on deals. Andy knows he can find reliable clients and partnerships via Fractional for his real estate deals, and Fractional users have exclusive access to great off-market deals from top agents like Andy.

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