Hassle-free Partnerships: Alvin & Ben

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Alvin and Ben are a dynamic duo - they are both software engineers who worked at the same company and have since started several ventures together. After hearing about their friends' successes in real estate, they knew it was a space they wanted to enter together.
“One of our old co-workers found a way to retire early through out-of-state real estate investing, and it seemed like an ideal space to try out.” But investing out of state is a daunting task. From lack of knowledge and contacts, to figuring out how co-investing would work, it was hard to even know where to start.
Alvin and Ben were first introduced to SARE (Subtle Asian Real Estate) - a supportive community of real estate investors for sharing knowledge and resources. With the help of SARE, they were able to start piecing together the real estate ecosystem. But even with more resources to lean into, it was hard to get the ball rolling.
That’s when they found Fractional - a platform that could help Alvin and Ben navigate both the real estate investment space and their co-investment partnership.
From forming their LLC (including all the associated paperwork), to handling insurance quotes, to obtaining competitive loan rates, Fractional streamlined the entire investment process.
“We have done LLCs before, and know there’s a lot of management and work involved. We had also shopped around for commercial loans ourselves and found much worse rates than what Fractional was able to lock in."
With Fractional, Alvin and Ben were able to purchase their first out-of-state property in Texas.
“Fractional felt like a high-touch concierge service that really got the ball rolling for the entire process.”
Alvin and Ben aren’t stopping here. Now well acquainted with real estate investing, they plan to continue their investing journey and partnerships with Fractional.