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Introducing the Seeto Team

Ya’ll, Did anyone say “Real Estate Investments?” Michael and David Seeto are a true power twin team from TEXAS – These two are no ordinary real estate duo.  Who are they? And how do they fit in the real estate world? They come with a well-established background in finance. They both hold a degree in Finance from the University of Oklahoma ‘97. Thriving in a world filled with numbers and valuations, Michael was a former Financial Analyst for Smith Barney for 5 years and David an Investment Analyst with JP Morgan Chase before taking the real estate industry by storm. Michael has been in Real Estate since 2002 and founded Seeto Realty in 2010.  He headed up the Dallas office, and his brother, David soon joined to head the Houston division. When shifting careers in their early years; the integration of both fields helped them to have a natural acumen in identifying and viewing the real estate industry with wide lens in order to strategize, evaluate, and identify income producing properties. When they are not working both of them are avid outdoorsmen who love supporting their alma mater, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

They Bring…

They bring their wealth of knowledge and passion in this competitive field.  Their primary focus is foreclosure, distressed, and off market residential and multi-family investments, including commercial properties for their clients.  Their 20 plus years of finance and real estate experience, has helped set The Seeto’s apart in this saturated arena of real estate investments. Whether you are dealing with Michael or David you are privy to their networking and circle of influence. Their experience and passion for the industry make them the ultimate mentors in guiding clients and investors through expanding businesses, growing real estate portfolios, and finding property. Their diverse sphere with sellers, buyers, investors, wholesalers, asset managers, and banks help expand their business and have helped their clients achieve varying real estate dreams.  As an agent, broker, investor, portfolio manager, business owner, and foreclosure specialist they have garner the reputation and experience required to help you succeed.

Using Fractional to Level Up Client Partnerships

Why chose Fractional?  With rising interest rates looming in the future that will hinder many investment deals, members of Fractional can combine cash buying power and eliminate the need for a lender. Whether it be single and multi-family properties, mobile home parks, apartments, and lots; The Seetos can guide investors in the right direction. Deals span from off-market, flips, and developments, to also working with wholesalers; the possibilities are endless. These guys host their own community of investors via social media where they share promising and lucrative deals for members to purchase and collaborate on. Fractional group is keeping an eye on the ventures and deals that can meld the fractional investment community with deals from The Seeto Team.  For these guys running an engaging investors community goes beyond just sharing and closing deals. They host monthly syncs for their Fractional partnerships to provide guidance on how to maximize value for investment projects. They share varied money generating ideas such as converting office room into an additional rentable unit or adding self-storage units to take better advantage of all existing and potential usable square footage. Additionally, these brothers will often co-invest and co-own real estate projects with clients. Working together in these partnerships has fostered more trust and confidence with their client base, allowing their clients to get more comfortable with investment projects and undertake more real estate investment deals in the future. Fractional partnership has allowed Michael and David to focus on running an effective and profitable business, while Fractional takes care of all the tasks of coordinating members and commitments in order for the deals to go smoothly. The ease to start and run investment communities on Fractional and to discuss potential real estate opportunities, share deals, and provide educational content is why more investors are looking at Fractional in order to combine buying power and leveraging themselves. Communities are a great space for agents to host classes and share knowledge with clients and other Fractional members. Members who connect in communities and classes often end up forming successful partnerships with many of the agents that come on to share ideas and deals. Fractional investors know The Seeto Team will deliver time and time again. Michael and David have generously contributed their knowledge to Fractional community talks, and we are excited for them to continue to be positive influence in future investment undertakings.  There are inherent risks in this industry, but with Fractional and The Seeto Team working in unison, the risks are mitigated and path forward is so much less intimidating.


“We have worked with Michael and his team for close to 10 years and have known Michael for more than 15 years.  From sourcing quality investment properties to screening tenants and managing rentals, they have us covered and we never worry.  Michael has tremendous experience working with investors and truly has a different approach than a typical realtor.  He and his team understand what the investors are looking for, provide great value add, and have all the tools and resources for full service.  They are very well-connected to find properties that have solid cash flow and room for equity growth.“
Don Weintraub -Windermere Real Estate
“I’d like to thank Seeto Realty for the years of investment advice and exceptional service they have provided. I’ve purchased and sold over a dozen properties with Seeto Realty and also have them manage my investment properties. It is rare to find a team so knowledgeable on the local market and finding those rare investment opportunities to build my portfolio. As markets change I am confident in their ability to pivot and look for future pockets of investment grade assets. Thanks again to Seeto Realty.”
Kevin Liu-Citibank
“As a San Francisco Bay Area investor for over a decade, I had always been skeptical about out-of-state real estate investment. My last two-year experience working with Michael and David Seeto has completely changed my attitude toward out-of-state investment. Through their extensive network and their guidance, I was able to access amazing real estate off-market deals that fit perfectly my investment objectives, enabling me to build a high cash-flow real estate portfolio in a short period of time. They work hard to uncover hidden gems in a competitive market and to control cost in acquisition and rehab through their connections to other real estate agents and contractors. I have my utmost trust in their ability to get the best deals and delivering the best cash flow performance.”
Yalin Xiong, PhD
“The Seetos are Texas’ best kept secret.  As real estate investors having them on our side is like having a Swiss Army knife in your tool kit – invaluable and always looking out in our best interest.
When we decided to invest out of state in Houston we reached out to theSeetos for the best plan of action as we weren’t familiar with the landscape.  We initially planned to BRRR sight unseen, but David spent time touring the property with contractors, FaceTimed with us and provided us a more financially sound strategy which in hindsight was the correct decision?”
Michael Yu, SARE Investor

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