From College Friends to Real Estate Co-Investors

Anil, Calvin, and Shehan met in college and have known each other for over 18 years. Amongst the three of them, they have a CPA license, founded companies, and invested in even more.
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All three knew that at some point they wanted to go into real estate together. “We all believe in generational wealth, and knew real estate investing was a space we wanted to enter together.”
Even as seasoned investors and finance folks, the barriers to entry in the real estate market were high. “The process is very complicated, and especially investing out of state, there are so many hurdles and risks to overcome as individual investors.” Being geographically separate made things even more difficult.
That’s when they found Fractional. “Fractional was the perfect tool for us - it completely streamlined the investing process by giving us the tools, network, and confidence to begin real estate investing as a group.”
With Fractional, they were able to buy their first out-of-state property together - a single-family resident home in McDonough, GA. The group was able to beat out 99 other offers to secure their deal, and was so excited they decided to meet up and sign the closing papers together!
Taken in Foster City, CA, after signing the closing documents!
Taken in Foster City, CA, after signing the closing documents!
“It was a complex process, but I felt confident with Fractional guiding us along the entire journey. I knew the Fractional would be there to support our needs and interests.” Since closing in June 2021, their property has increased in value by 14.39%.
And this is just the beginning! Anil, Calvin, and Shehan are considering multi-family homes and apartments next to continue their investing journeys.